Total Ancillary’s State of the Art skin substitutes platform helps reduce costs, diminishes back-office work and can help eliminate financial risk.  Doctors who choose to revolutionize skin substitute management with this platform will be able to (1)  Have More Covered Product Options to offer their patients, (2)  Treat More Patients More Cost-effectively, and (3) Promote Better Clinical Outcomes over traditional wound care.  This is accomplished through Total Ancillary’s proprietary software that matches products to each patient’s covered insurance plan on an individual basis, across multiple manufacturers.  

You simply submit one prior authorization form and within 48 hours the TA platform supplies you a summary  of each graft’s cost per unit, reimbursement, and patient financial responsibility, as well as the bottom line on each graft size available.  This provides definitive, compiled data points on qualifying products which allows you to consult with your patient and together make the best choice for an optimal clinical outcome.

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